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Largest places in Ivory Coast

The largest cities and places in Ivory Coast at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Ivory Coast.

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Largest places in Ivory Coast
Abidjan Abidjan1.Lagunes Lagunes3,677,115
Abobo Abobo2.Lagunes Lagunes900,000
Bouake Bouaké3.Vallee du Bandama Vallée du Bandama567,481
Daloa Daloa4.Haut-Sassandra Haut-Sassandra215,652
San-Pedro San-Pédro5.Bas-Sassandra Bas-Sassandra196,751
Yamoussoukro Yamoussoukro6.Lacs Lacs194,530
Korhogo Korhogo7.Savanes Savanes167,359
Man Man8.Dix-Huit Montagnes Dix-Huit Montagnes139,341
Divo Divo9.Sud-Bandama Sud-Bandama127,867
Gagnoa Gagnoa10.Fromager Fromager123,184
Abengourou Abengourou11.Moyen-Comoe Moyen-Comoé104,020
Anyama Anyama12.Lagunes Lagunes100,653
Agboville Agboville13.Agneby Agnéby81,770
Grand-Bassam Grand-Bassam14.Sud-Comoe Sud-Comoé73,772
Dabou Dabou15.Lagunes Lagunes69,661
Dimbokro Dimbokro16.Lacs Lacs67,349
Ferkessedougou Ferkessédougou17.Savanes Savanes62,008
Adzope Adzopé18.Lagunes Lagunes61,884
Bouafle Bouaflé19.Marahoue Marahoué60,962
Sinfra Sinfra20.Zanzan Zanzan59,919
Katiola Katiola21.Vallee du Bandama Vallée du Bandama59,641
Soubre Soubré22.Bas-Sassandra Bas-Sassandra58,492
Bondoukou Bondoukou23.Zanzan Zanzan58,297
Danane Danané24.Dix-Huit Montagnes Dix-Huit Montagnes53,808
Oume Oumé25.Fromager Fromager52,070
Seguela Séguéla26.Worodougou Worodougou51,157
Bingerville Bingerville27.Lagunes Lagunes50,694
Issia Issia28.Haut-Sassandra Haut-Sassandra50,313
Odienne Odienné29.Denguele Denguélé49,857
Duekoue Duekoué30.Dix-Huit Montagnes Dix-Huit Montagnes47,198
Agnibilekrou Agnibilékrou31.Moyen-Comoe Moyen-Comoé43,061
Daoukro Daoukro32.N'zi-Comoe Nʼzi-Comoé40,175
Tengrela Tengrela33.Savanes Savanes39,277
Guiglo Guiglo34.Dix-Huit Montagnes Dix-Huit Montagnes39,134
Toumodi Toumodi35.Lacs Lacs39,005
Boundiali Boundiali36.Savanes Savanes38,878
Lakota Lakota37.Sud-Bandama Sud-Bandama38,055
Aboisso Aboisso38.Sud-Comoe Sud-Comoé37,654
Arrah Arrah39.Lacs Lacs37,432
Bonoua Bonoua40.Sud-Comoe Sud-Comoé37,312
Akoupe Akoupé41.Lagunes Lagunes35,970
Tiassale Tiassalé42.Lagunes Lagunes35,090
Zuenoula Zuénoula43.Marahoue Marahoué34,435
Bongouanou Bongouanou44.Lacs Lacs34,405
Vavoua Vavoua45.Haut-Sassandra Haut-Sassandra31,250
Affery Affery46.Lagunes Lagunes29,909
Touba Touba47.Bafing Bafing27,504
Bouna Bouna48.Zanzan Zanzan23,570
Sassandra Sassandra49.Bas-Sassandra Bas-Sassandra23,274
Beoumi Béoumi50.Vallee du Bandama Vallée du Bandama23,053

1 - 50 of 64 places
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